Seattle Adult Family Housing

World Class Contractor and Construction is proud to lend its hand to a problem that is currently affecting many elderly and disabled adults in the Seattle area and elsewhere. We are happy to assist business owners and investors transform residential homes into a luxury adult housing option for good.

What is Luxury Adult Family Housing?

Luxury adult family housing is one of many options available to help provide hands on help to older adults. While there are many options available for care, luxury adult family housing seems to be a great choice for those seeking more one on one care as the amount of beds allowed are held to 6 or less.

Renovate Adult Family Housing

We are knowledgeable on the regulatory compliance associated with transforming residential housing to an adult family house. No matter if you have one home or multiple we are capable of renovating all to help maintain structural regulatory compliance.

  • General structural guidance
  • Quote and perform renovation
  • Access to professional network

Luxury Adult Family Housing

We specialize in creating luxury adult family housing for those who are seeking a more intimate option for specialized one on one care. We fully understand the need for this level of care within the greater Seattle area and have perfected the process of creating luxury homes adapted to accommodate adult care.

  • ADA compliant building practices
  • ADA compliant materials
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Accessible rooms and hallways

Seattle Adult Family Housing

Whether you are already an adult family operator or you are looking to get started we are happy to assist with renovating your home to meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations.

Adult family housing is on the rise as the “greatest generation” is reaching a point where specialized housing is becoming the best option.


Why Choose World Class Contracting

Our Core Values are just a few reasons why you can trust World Class Contracting


Our project managers, architects, contractors, and support staff strive to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. You’ll find that we give the best of ourselves and lead by example, day in and day out.


We do more than simply uphold the highest building standards. We create them for the industry. To do so, we source our own finishes and work with importers who offer the very best products on the market. Products that are well worth the cost because they stand the test of time.


With World Class Contracting, there’s no wondering how much your home will cost or where it is in the process. We’ll give you an accurate price right off the bat as well as access to our customer portal, which offers real-time updates on the status of your project. Rest assured there will be no fine print or last minute surprises.

Customer Service

Our team works tirelessly to ensure you thoroughly enjoy your experience with us and are left with the home you always wanted plus so much more. From the moment we meet to long after you’ve moved in, we’ll be there for you as your trusted partner.


You don’t have to worry about whether your home will turn out how you want it to because we exceed customer expectations every time. We’re reliable, conscientious, and completely committed to providing you with an exceptional home building experience.


At World Class Contracting, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter homes. Instead, we believe in innovative homes that reflect your lifestyle needs and preferences. We’ll help you design a unique home that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Looking to build an adult family housing facility?

Contact World Class Contracting and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in building adult family housing in Seattle!

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