ADUs in Seattle

Thanks to Seattle’s new housing ordinances, many homeowners are building an accessory dwelling unit or ADU on the property. Also known as a guest house, backyard house, or mother-in-law suite, an ADU is a self-contained room or suite attached to your home. Oftentimes, it’s in the form of a basement or added story and equipped with a private entrance, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area.

World Class Contracting specializes in ADUs for homeowners in Seattle and the surrounding area. We have the highly specialized expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process, from the initial design phase all the way to the build and beyond. 


Benefits of an ADU

ADUs offer extra space that can help address your changing lifestyle and the growing needs of your family. For example, you can build one to accommodate your senior loved ones or adult children. It’s usually a more affordable option than renting an apartment or buying a new home, especially when you consider the increasing cost of housing in the area. An ADU may also be a great option if you’d like to earn short-term or long-term rental income. 

The Process

The Plan

First and foremost, we explore the zoning requirements to make sure ADUs are permitted in your city or neighborhood. Then, we design a customized plan, which includes a design, budget, and blueprint. We’ll be happy to work with a contractor you already know and trust or offer our own contracting services. 

Once we have a contractor set in stone, we’ll create a contract, which will clearly outline the scope of work, timeline, and budget. Last but not least, we’ll purchase all of the materials and ensure they’re either on-site or in our warehouse before the work begins. 

The Management

Now, the exciting part begins! We’ll oversee your entire project to make sure your contractor completes it on time and on budget without compromising quality. Rest assured we’ll keep you informed with progress updates every step of the way.

The Final Walkthrough

As soon as your ADU has been built, we’ll walk through it with you so you can take in its beauty and function. Once we know the results have exceeded your every expectation, we’ll provide you with a one year labor warranty as well as manufacturer's material warranty. Our team will follow up with you on a quarterly basis to ensure you’re still completely satisfied with the finished product.

Fortunately, many neighborhoods in Seattle permit ADUs. To find out if an ADU is an option in your neighborhood, contact your local city planner. We’ll be happy to do so on your behalf for a fee.

Yes. We highly recommend you hire an experienced architect to build your ADU. You can hire one on your own or trust us to do so for a fee.

Absolutely! Depending on your neighborhood and the specifics of your ADU, it can significantly increase your home value.

The cost to build an ADU varies greatly and depends on a variety of factors. These include its location, size, plumbing work, mechanical connections, and more. We’ll provide you with an accurate quote and ask you to approve it before your project begins.

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